Lusso Stone Ring


Women who wear the Ring of Compassion are fiercely loyal and will protect those who cannot protect themselves.

They are often very honest people and will expect the same from those around them. 
As long as they feel appreciated and know that they are loved, they will return the kindness to those around them as well.

They often will fight for their family and friends and will be loyal to the last. They work hard on their relationships and never take the family for granted.

Ring of Compassion wearer never shy away from responsibility and will always take over and lead when they can, removing the burden from others’ shoulders and enjoying doing so.

They are often very caring and chivalrous, and at the first sign of trouble, they are there to help someone in need. 

The Lusso Stone Ring has a 5 ct stone is filled with a deep moral sentiment - they believe in doing what is right.

However, because of their pride, they often have trouble accepting help.
Although they are typically very creative, they don't like to get involved with details and find people who do work with detail quite boring.

Their talent for expressing themselves often comes out in everything that they do.

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